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yeah but the saddest thing about olympus being officially over is my fear that im never going to talk to some of you again so if you have a personal, or skype or phone or idfk twitter???? you should give it to me and i will follow/dowhatever bc i rlly loved the majority of you and im sad

Phoebe Tonkin photographed by Jacqueline Di Milia (2013)


lol sigh

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a road trip would be pretty dopeee xD
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if theres a lake there’d be a “beach” for it. Like in Chicago and uhhhh by Cedar Point. So we’ll just go with that. Unless they’re talking about a road trip to a beach in Florida. Destin, FL probably isnt too far away
i vote road trip just bc imagine how cute that would be, getting in an rv and driving down and someone would make a mix and nick would complain about the music and bridget would cuddle up to ashton and macy would punch jared a few times on the shoulder for being so annoying just by sitting in a car for four hours or w/e AND IT WOULD BE GOOD BONDING FOR EVERYONE and other characters who haven’t met certain characters could be like ‘who the fuck r u’ but since they’ll be stuck in an rv for hours they’re forced to get to know eachother and yeah i like this idea bye

are there beaches in alabama though?????

im back yay


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↳ hayley (part one)